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With an increasingly fragmented audience of 38 million active social media users, advertisers risk missing the opportunity to reach consumers at scale. In this session, Adaptly and TLC share insights into how audiences consume content, what value they derive from social, and recommendations on the approach advertisers should take to achieve an effective multi-platform campaign.

Audiences are becoming more and more fragmented every day. There are 38 million active social media users in the UK, and they exhibit markedly different behaviour on each of the major platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter. Advertisers risk missing the opportunity to reach audiences at scale if they don’t have a smart social media strategy that integrates multiple platforms and native ad formats. Given consumers’ high expectations, the onus is on brands to customise their cross-channel marketing to appeal to the right audience at the right time.

Adaptly is joined by Discovery's TLC and the7Stars to discuss:

• The value consumers derive from the major social platforms
• Insight into how users consume content differently - speed, sound-on versus -off, etc.
• The approach advertisers should take towards multi-platform campaign planning View Less


Ruth Arber VP of Strategic Accounts Adaptly
Kirsty Sloan Digital & Social Producer TLC
Adele Burns Head of Entertainment the7stars

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