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What do you get when you cross a future astronaut and a renowned psychologist and broadcaster with a headhunter turned psychotherapist? The answer is three distinctly different manifestos for mental wellbeing; be it from the street, the world of academia or the boardroom. In this debate, hosted by Ben McKie (Co-Founder of Psyched) Hussain Manawer, Oliver James and Kathleen Saxton will each pitch their vision for the duty of care we owe to ourselves and our colleagues to help improve mental performance in the world.

The 2016 Mental Health at Work Report highlights the concerning fact that 77% of employees have been affected by poor mental health in the last year, with 4 in 5 of these attributing their symptoms directly to work. Even those unaffected would not disagree that a positive mental state, both our own and that of those around us, is essential for delivering peak performance in the workplace.

Yet more often than not, we do not know exactly how to help either ourselves or our colleagues to full effect. This session will aim to break the silence of the taboos and stigma that currently exist around mental performance and enlighten the audience with different perspectives, practices and priorities to ensure the collective strength of our working wellbeing in the future.
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Ben McKie Co-founder Psyched
Oliver James Clinical Psychologist, Author and Broadcaster
Hussain Manawer Poet, Campaigner, Future Astronaut Hussain's House
Kathleen Saxton Founder The Lighthouse Company & Psyched

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