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When I’m away from home, I’m always on. I’m always connected. To people. To things. I know what I want. I want it to be relevant. To what I’m thinking… feeling… doing. Wherever I am. Wherever I’ve been. And even where I’m going. And I want it now.

Disruption is a familiar theme but ones that’s most readily associated with the virtual or online world. The new battleground though is the real, physical world – the time and places where we spend 30% of our waking hours… the Out-of-Home space. This is the space where the powerhouses and entrepreneurs of the digital economy see the real opportunity. Why? Because we are becoming an urban population. Cities currently represent 80% of the world’s GDP and they are only growing. Three quarters of us are due to live in cities by 2050 and these growing connected cities are leading to new behaviours, travel patterns and changing how we interact with each other.

Successful brands will need to consider how they navigate this landscape, how they build new and different customer relationships….how they reinvent or risk being reinvented

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Nicky Bullard Chairwoman and CCO MRM Meteorite
Katie Dulake Head of Brand & Marketing TSB Bank
Paddy Earnshaw Chief Customer Officer Doddle
Kenyatte Nelson Group Marketing Director Shop Direct

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