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A 2017 study from The Lighthouse Company highlights a staggering 39% of industry leaders have recently considered reinventing themselves professionally in a new sector. Join Lighthouse founder Kathleen Saxton and three individuals who have shown the courage, tenacity and ambition required to take such a career-changing leap of faith: Anna Jones (former CEO of Hearst UK, now founder of AllBright), Kate Thornton (former TV presenter, now founder of TBSeen) and Rev. Richard Coles (ex-Communard turned vicar).

It has long been cited that the lifelong career is now a thing of the past, with many employees expected to follow at least three distinct and different career paths throughout their working lives. Couple this with the fact that the millennial generation appear to be naturally predisposed to a more transient and continually transforming working life, the complete change of career trajectory is no doubt a pattern we will see continue both in our industry and beyond.

Changing fields and entering into new, unfamiliar areas of business is not without its risks and challenges, yet the upside of personal reward and fulfilment can be immeasurable. Every member of the panel - including the moderator – fully understand the personal sacrifice required to make such a move. Be prepared to be inspired and entertained, and don’t be surprised if you leave this session thinking just a little bit differently about your own professional future.
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Kathleen Saxton Founder The Lighthouse Company & Psyched
Anna Jones Co-Founder AllBright
Reverend Richard Coles Vicar of Finedon The Church of England
Kate Thornton Founder & Editor-in-Chief TBSeen

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