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Over the past few years, the surging popularity of Digital Audio has grown to become a mainstay of the media landscape. Spotify has over 100 million users, Chance The Rapper dedicated his Grammy to SoundCloud, and Milo Yiannopolous’ podcast may well have affected the outcome of the US election. The influence of Digital Audio in people’s lives is growing, and marketers are tapping into the opportunity that this presents. As a medium, it has inherited radio's effectiveness - with the added impetus of proprietary data.

At last year’s AW Europe, Rubicon Project hosted a panel with innovative companies across the advertising ecosystem - from Out Of Home, TV, Mobile and Audio, to discuss the future of automation in the industry. One year since, and there have been significant advancements in each area - however, Audio looks to be growing at breakneck speed.

We sit down with some of the most disruptive players carving out the growth in this burgeoning media sector, and look at the opportunities, the obstacles, and how brands can best capitalise on this exciting new medium. View Less

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Steve Wing Managing Director, UK & Nordics Rubicon Project
Chris Forrester UK Country Manager Spotify
Alison Moore Chief Revenue Officer SoundCloud
Ryan Rummery Head of DAX, Digital and Mobile Global
Adam Hancox Programmatic Director Publicis Media

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