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In this workshop, panelists discuss the four full Pitch Alternatives ISBA has developed. Chemistry, Tissue and Workshop pitches have been particularly well received by the client community and the agencies involved in these alternative pitches have been equally excited. This workshop will outline each of the alternatives and take a deep dive into the one attendees are most interested in by majority vote.

The fact is that the traditional, full creative pitch process is expensive and time consuming for both clients and agencies, everybody knows it, but, until now, there has been no alternative!
ISBA has developed some ‘Alternative’ pitch processes for clients to consider, the great news is that clients, in the main, are welcoming these Alternatives with interest and in many and are often relieved that a more concise way to pitch is available.
As it is not always possible for a client to work with an intermediary or consultant like ISBA on a new pitch process, this workshop should help provide direction to any clients considering an Alternative, covering:

• The 4 main pitch alternatives that have been developed
• Why you should consider an alternative – main drivers and considerations
• When to consider an alternative – which project / disciplines it works best for and why

Plus a deep dive into 1 or 2 Alternatives – time dependent. View Less

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Traci Dunne Consultancy Manager ISBA
Pierre Dadd Head of Brand Auto Trader

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