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With the worlds of film, music and visual arts more tightly knit than ever before, will long term collaborations become more central to an artist's visual output, and how will NME work with them? Tom Rowlands (The Chemical Brothers) and their long-term visuals guru and film director Adam Smith discuss their 20 yr partnership and recent work on the feature film "Trespass Against Us" starring Michael Fassbender. They will be joined by music photographer and NME regular Dean Chalkley, plus Felix White of The Maccabees

Taking these themes further, the panel will look at how the role of the photographer and performer will develop in these increasingly video focused times, where the emphasis on 'experiential' is pushing disciplines to new limits. Being a creative in the 21st century offers a vast array of mediums, distribution methods and platforms. Dean Chalkley photographer, filmmaker and exhibition curator discusses the myriad of possibilities with Felix White, guitarist and songwriter with Indie Rock band The Maccabees. In a world where anything goes how do you decide what you do and who you do it with?

Telling stories and taking creative control through partnerships, collaboration and an open mind,
Chalkley will discuss the art of bringing to life his photographs, many taken from iconic shoots with NME, in his upcoming exhibition, resulting in an immersive showcase that goes beyond the normal realms of a photographic exhibition.
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Jason Bick Creative Director, Innovation Group Time Inc.
Dean Chalkley Photographer
Tom Rowlands Musician
Adam Smith Commerials and Film Director Adam Smith
Felix White Guitarist & Songwriter The Maccabees
Charlotte Gunn Editor

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