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Following Chris Eubank Junior winning the IBO world super-middleweight title in February, Primesight's Matt Teeman interviews Chris Eubank on what it takes to make an impression.

Undefeated in his first ten years as a professional Chris Eubank scored victories over six world champions, and is ranked by BoxRec as the third best British super-middleweight boxer of all time.

Eubank showed particular bravery in the ring, earning him the reputation of having a "granite" chin for the amount of punishment he was able to take and still come out the other side.

His story is a great example of diligence, belief and courage against some big boxing names.

This is a chance to hear first hand how Eubank took himself from humble beginnings to become world champion and establishing himself as an individual and unique brand along that journey. View Less

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Chris Eubank Ex World Champion
Matt Teeman Managing Director Primesight

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