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CMOs in the age of digital transformation have revenue accountability and a seat at the boardroom table. How are we building customer centric organisations, using the intelligent cloud and what does marketing AI mean? Top marketers from Microsoft and Adobe explore our changing roles as marketers and whether the digital transformation that got us here can equip us to succeed.

In just a few short years the role of CMO has radically changed from that of brand architect to revenue driver. As a result, CMOs have been investing in marketing IT at a rate equal to their CIO peers.

In this session, Grad Conn, GM and CMO at Microsoft and Simon Morris, Senior Director, Campaign Marketing, Consumer & SMB at Adobe, will explore the digital age of today, discuss the transformation of their roles and brand strategies in the intelligent cloud, provide insight into the marchitecture required for success and give a sneak peak of what marketing AI will entail.
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Grad Conn GM and CMO Microsoft
Simon Morris Senior Director, Campaign Marketing, Consumer and SMB Adobe

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