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People are more curious than ever and are increasingly interacting with the world via myriad technologies, especially mobile. Search is moving from keyboard and touch screen keywords to voice search-enabled conversations with our phones — an ‘always- on’ machine learning-powered assistant. In the process, our relationship with tech is becoming ever more personal and intimate.

Today, we’re almost as likely to ask fundamental human questions like "OK Google, what’s the meaning of love?" as we are to request help for queries like: "OK Google, where’s the nearest Vietnamese street food restaurant?”

In this brave new world, brands that can predict our needs and assist in realising our dreams will have a huge advantage. But CMOs are attempting to keep up with this transformation of search into an always-on assistant.

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Kate Russell Journalist, reporter and author
Behshad Behzadi Distinguished Engineer, Google Assistant Google Zurich
Matt Bush Director of Agencies Google UK
Tracey Follows CSO Future Laboratory
Anni Noel-Johnson Director of Customer Marketing and Analytics Farfetch
Caroline Reynolds VP of Paid Search iProspect
Suzie Rafla Head of Ecselis Ecselis (Havas)

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