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Considering the ever-changing landscape of our society and consumer needs, is it time for brands to rethink how they work with celebrities? Shaking things up, Bacardi brought Swizz Beatz on as its Global Chief Creative for Culture, creating an authentic celebrity partnership that’s helping the brand connect with consumers on a deeper level. Join Magnetic's CEO, Brian Schultz, and Swizz Beatz to hear about their partnership with Bacardi on No Commission, and Swizz Beatz’ other projects with the brand.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, consumers have more information and more options when it comes to choosing products and services to satisfy their needs now than ever before. Today’s consumer is knowledgeable, empowered and demanding. Surface-level celebrity brand endorsements are just not enough to grab a consumer’s attention and influence purchase decisions. To engage today’s consumer successfully, brands need figure out how their product or message fits into the consumer’s lifestyle in a culturally relevant way.

As a brand that celebrates art, music and culture, Bacardi saw Swizz Beatz as the perfect partner to communicate its unique values and identity, and to connect with consumers in an authentic way. During this panel discussion, you’ll hear from Swizz Beatz and Magnetic about how their approach to No Commission, and Swizz Beatz’ work on other projects, like InstantDJ, brought Bacardi to the forefront of the cultural conversation around art and music. View Less

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Swizz Beatz Global Chief Creative for Culture Bacardi
Brian Schultz CEO/Partner Magnetic Collaborative

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