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Creativity and data may seem disparate, but in fact they should both feed off of each other and inform the best way to deliver marketing messages. What does the target audience want, feel, and do? How do they interact with your product/service? Rich data can answer these questions, which in turn actually establishes the basis of a narrative informing all creative and design decisions. Need personal development? You can rely on data. Want to build user journeys? Check the data. Instinct, gut, and intuition all help with creativity, but isn’t it nice to have research and analytics to back up what you already knew? We’ll discuss the intersection of data and creativity to help attendees develop a data-driven rubric for creative thinking.

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David Shing Digital Prophet AOL
Richard Dunmall President Media iQ
Adam Foley Commercial Strategy Director The Guardian
Paddy Adams Exec Director, Head of Strategy Manning Gottlieb
Cory Treffiletti CMO Oracle Data Cloud

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