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A study by Deloitte revealed that word-of-mouth generated more than twice the sales of paid advertising. Word-of-mouth today includes content creation. As your customers become creators, brands have a whole new network of publishers and broadcasters.

Jules Lund from social influencer marketplace TRIBE, Stephanie Sarantakos from Selfridges and illustrator and content creator Akvile Lesauskaite join us to explore how to unlock and nurture creativity of individuals, and reveal the brand benefits of doing so.

Something ‘scary good’ is about to happen to the creative industry, and it’s keeping Australian TV and radio host, Jules Lund awake at night. Not only has he bet his house on it (literally) but he predicts the next global shift in marketing is blindingly simple once the penny drops.

It’s a promising freelance economy that lies between content creation, technology and the new social currency: influence. As these global forces collide, we’re already seeing the first real opportunity in history to activate word of mouth marketing at SCALE.

Known for his showmanship, Jules Lund from influencer marketplace TRIBE will lead a highly dynamic session that features both an entrepreneurial content creator and a global marketer. This session will bring to life how brands are tapping into the world’s creativity and accessing premium content at unprecedented scale, unparalleled speed and at a fraction of the cost.
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Jules Lund Founder TRIBE
Stephanie Sarantakos Senior Marketing Manager Selfridges
Akvile Lesauskaite Fashion illustrator & content creator

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