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Leveraging billions of customer searches and download behaviour, Shutterstock forecasts the creative trends set to influence creative direction and design aesthetics across images, video and music. Discover the global trends of white texture and head-up display, as well as a mix of old and new styles that will feature prominently in advertising, film and media in 2017.

Within its annual Creative Trends report, Shutterstock has identified the styles and trends that will dominate in 2017 based on information gathered from billions of searches and downloads around the word.

In this session, Kashem Miah, Shutterstock’s Director of Social Media & Content Marketing will explore how this year’s trends reflect a contrast -- between the real world and our digital lives, between nature and tech, and between the past and the future. Kashem will lead a discussion with experienced creative professionals on how to develop brand and visual campaigns leveraging these trends. Joining him will be Becky Power of Mindshare, Andy Fowler of Brothers and Sisters and Garret Reil of Industry Branding.
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Kashem Miah Director, Social Media & Content Marketing Shutterstock
Becky Power Creative Director Mindshare
Andy Fowler Founder & ECD Brothers and Sisters
Garrett Reil Creative Director Industry Branding

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