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Screens are better than paper; digital is better than print; virtual reality is more real than reality.

The tendency today is to assume the fight is over, that digital has won; that anyone dozy enough to concern themselves with the analogue world is a dinosaur. But how backwards are the dinosaurs in reality. Isn’t it possible to argue that digital is draining the joy from the lived, the touched, the smelt experience. Increasingly it’s the live event – like this one at Advertising Week – that matters. It’s the distinctive touch of the book, the colour and texture of the artwork, the feel of the pages of a magazine that become the experiences that matter most to people. So have we overdone the digital? Shouldn’t we be keeping things real? View Less

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Kerin O'Connor Chief Executive The Week
Greg Williams Executive Editor Wired UK
Natasha Christie-Miller Divisional CEO Ascential Plc
Andrew Rolf Senior digital transformation and business change executive Cursive Consulting
Paul McNamee UK Editor The Big Issue

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