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By 2018, close to 80% of marketing spend will be programmatic, the Internet Advertising Bureau estimates. There’s no dispute that algorithmic purchases improve ROI and aid in more efficient spend, but are we forfeiting connecting with our audiences in a visceral way because of our relentless drive towards automation and efficiency? Have we lost the focus on effectiveness? We know that emotive content and messages work best, as all studies on virality point to that fact. Since people feel first and think second, emotion is what stands out from the clutter and is remembered most. Emotion and programmatic buying – can marketers have it both ways? We’ll discuss how brands and agencies are using programmatic while still developing meaningful messages.

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Dora Michail Managing Director, Digital The Telegraph
Marco Bertozzi VP of Sales, Europe Spotify
Cadi Jones Commercial Innovation Director Clear Channel Outdoor
Ruth Zohrer Head of Programmatic Marketing Mindshare

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