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Influencer Marketing: What can digital first talent learn from media brands and vice versa? How can advertisers harness the power of the influencer, and what do we really mean by ‘influencer marketing’ anyway?

During Social Circle’s panel session, we explore the deeper layers of the new craze in adland ‘Influencer Marketing’. However, rather than a ‘what to do and what not to do’ session, we dive a little deeper. We explore the parallels and differences between the practice of influencer marketing compared with other forms of advertising, marketing and communications. The panel will host people both within in the influencer sector and people that can view this space with in a broadened understanding of traditional marketing practices and expectations. This will tackle accountability, measurement & success and an outline of what success looks like. Panel will host those who currently work in the influencer space and those who work in more traditional media. View Less

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Dominic Smales CEO & Founder Gleam Futures
James Erskine Director Social Circle
Jonathan Allan Sales Director Channel 4
Jim Chapman Vlogger
Mary Keane- Dawson
Gemma Rostill Senior Marketing Manager Penguin Random House

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