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At the end of the month, Theresa May will trigger Article 50 and begin the long road to Britain's exit from the EU. Much has been made on both sides of what the impact will be on the country, on our businesses and all our neighbours. It's really tough to know the truth.

One thing is for sure, there has been plenty of talk about the needs for manufacturing, for banking and for retailers but not much time spent on what we need to keep our creative industries afloat.

The truth is we stand on the shoulders of giants in creativity here in London. Their energy and culture are what make our industries profitable and instrumental to the health of the UK economy. And without the melting pot of cultures and influences that our open minds allow, what will we become? And how will it affect our work?

In this special Brexit session at Adweek Europe 2017 we'll ask just what we need to keep Britain great when it comes to creativity and how we can protect it in an uncertain future.
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Simon Jack Business Editor BBC
Nigel Carrington Vice-Chancellor University of the Arts London
Chris Hirst UK Chairman, European CEO Havas
Kate Mosse Author & Director The National Theatre

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