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Digital Content Next CEO Jason Kint will lead marketers and publishers in a conversation on bringing dollars back to digital advertising, all while counteracting the breadth and depth of Google and Facebook. The panel will dive into how to best mobilise the industry – from the creation of emerging advertising exchange platforms to re-establishing trust in the ecosystem – in an effort to hedge against industry dominance and keep the consumer experience at the core.

While growth has been reported in U.S. ad revenues, Digital Content Next accounted a large percentage of that to Google and Facebook alone.

As the only trade association exclusively dedicated to trusted, high-quality digital content brands, DCN and other industry experts, will discuss how Google and Facebook's growth and data collection is dwarfing the ability of any single actor. Panelists will debate how this goes against the open web and what the potential tax will be on the "gatekeeper" role -- to revenue, to content itself and to consumers.

Panelists will consider strategies, discuss best practices and provide opinions on the type of collaborations needed to continue moving the industry forward.
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Jason Kint CEO Digital Content Next
Hamish Nicklin CRO Guardian News & Media
Jon Slade Chief Commercial Officer Financial Times
Michele Morelli Vice President, Business & Consumer Marketing AOL

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