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Publisher Stories, in the Discover side of Snapchat, are stories by the world’s top publishers, combining the aesthetics of magazines and the playfulness of Snapchat. Come to a picnic in the Snapchat Secret Garden, hosted in this session by IGN. Please note, places are limited to 15 for this exclusive workshop, so please come early as it will be first-come, first served!

IGN is the world’s biggest resource for gaming and entertainment, covering everything from reviews to breaking news to events around the world like E3, Gamescom and Comic-Con. Its dedicated Snapchat team creates bespoke content for Discover, as well as adapting the best video and features from

IGN was a launch partner of Snapchat Discover and has produced a brand new Discover Publisher Story every day since 27 August 2015. It will be sharing the lessons it has learned from publishing over 5,000 pieces of Discover content, from things that went really well to the things it won’t be repeating any time soon. This session is designed to show you not only how to keep an audience reading and watching content, but coming back for more. View Less

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Geoff Inns MD & SVP, International Ziff Davis
Alex Simmons UK Editor-in-Chief, IGN .com, PCmag Ziff Davis
Chris Shepperson UK Commercial Director Ziff Davis

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