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96% of our industry’s leaders believe clarity of purpose is essential for attracting the best talent, yet less than a quarter believe their company has one. Join Lighthouse founder Kathleen Saxton as she talks to Lucy Clayton of Community Clothing, Joshua Coombes of #DoSomethingForNothing and Thomas Knights of Red Hot – three incredibly driven entrepreneurs who exude their enterprises’ values in everything they do – and discover the challenges of balancing the commercial realities of business with their social purpose.

In The Lighthouse Company’s most recent New World Talent Survey, a clear purpose and values was the second most important factor to influence the next career move of leaders within our industry. The importance of this is backed up by a Harvard Business Review study of c.500 senior leaders that highlighted near-unanimity of the belief that clear purpose drives business performance – both from a transformational and an employee motivational perspective.

This session aims to unpick what is needed from today’s organisations in order to be truly purposeful – after all 83% of millennials would be happy to take a 15% pay-cut to work for a company that shared their values. Our assembled panel will discuss what it takes to live and breathe this and ideas for ensuring your organisation does not veer off course.
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Kathleen Saxton Founder The Lighthouse Company & Psyched
Lucy Clayton CEO Community Clothing
Joshua Coombes Founder/Hairdresser #DoSomethingForNothing
Thomas Knights Founder/Photographer Red Hot

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