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When it comes to working women, how much has been achieved, and how much further is there still to go? Marie Claire Editor-in-chief Trish Halpin chairs an exciting panel to look back at the popular narrative of 'women at work' over the last few defining decades and discuss experiences unique to their fields while looking for truths, common ground and what this means for us all. Trish will be joined by Mediacom's Sue Unerman, presenter and vlogger Katie Puckrik, Saville Rowe tailor Phoebe Gormley and comedienne Helen Lederer

From Madmen to Millennials, how far have we come? The popular narrative used to tell us
that for women to be successful they needed to play men at their own game, hide in plain sight, subvert from within. Now we have babies in the House of Commons and role models in the form of Prime Ministers and Presidential candidates. So do we feel equal yet?

Recounting their experiences as content creators Puckrik and Lederer will discuss whether ladettes on TV represented a crucial Trojan Horse moment, and what it's meant for them both to branch away from large corporation programming to set up alternative channels for women’s voices. Sue Unerman, author of 'The Glass Wall’ will share her advice to all of us for improving our communications both as individuals at work and in the wider world as marketers, and Phoebe Gormley will discuss how she navigated the male dominated environment of Saville Rowe to be become the first ever women’s tailor at the age of just 22.
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Trish Halpin Editor-in-Chief Marie Claire
Helen Lederer Comedian, actress & writer
Katie Puckrik Broadcaster, writer & performer
Sue Unerman Chief Transformation Officer MediaCom
Phoebe Gormley Tailor and business founder Gormley & Gamble

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