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Programmatic has fundamentally changed the face of advertising. Today, most online ads are traded programmatically, but more and more media companies and agencies are beginning to explore ways to sell traditional media in a similar way, which will likely include TV spots and OOH ads. Digital firms now have made programmatic a major cause, and programmatic is here and part of the marketing day-to-day. But the question remains, what will the next era of programmatic look like? As more and more marketing spend will be directed toward programmatic, what will this mean for business? Panelists look to the future and address the industry’s biggest tech-driven challenges and opportunities.

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Gavin Johnson Commercial Director AOL UK
Andy Chandler VP EMEA Tapjoy
Justin Cochrane CEO, UK Clear Channel
Kristoffer Ewald Chief Innovation Officer NetBooster Group
Paul Silver Chief Operating Officer Media iQ

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