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Digital technology crept into our lives over the last 20 years and has entrenched so deeply, that it has completely redesigned how we communicate with each other. So much so, that this year, the majority of UK media spend will be digital and last year, almost half of 18-24 year olds were more willing to give up booze for a year than their smartphone. You've got to hand it to digital, it’s got our attention, but how does it make us feel?

In a world where everything progresses so quickly, it’s hard for brands to keep up and to remember that tech on its own can’t charm and embrace. When we strip away all the whizzy stuff, we are left with the same thing we started with - people. Incorporating the psychological and philosophical fields and an industry view of best in class creative thinking, Pete Trainor and Jon Mew will run live demos and share cutting edge tech that actually focus on feelings and emotions. They will take us back to the fundamental questions that drive us as human beings and show how digital really can give that human touch. View Less

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Pete Trainor Director of Human Centred Design Nexus Design

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