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Ad blocking online remains one of the biggest challenges for advertisers, publishers and media owners. The focus has shifted from the ad industry attacking ad blocking companies to a debate about how we can encourage serving more ‘acceptable ads’. However, will lighter, more creative ads be accepted by users or will they continue to use ad blockers as they are free and easy to use? We will discuss how the ad industry can provide users with less annoying ads which are, at the very least, acceptable.

In September leading international trade associations and companies joined forces to improve consumers' experience with online advertising. The ‘Coalition for Better Ads’ will develop and implement new global standards for online advertising. The Coalition is a global effort, but will recognise regional differences from national associations such as ISBA. The Coalition will focus on creating consumer-based, data-driven standards to improve the ad experience.
The Coalition is made up of advertisers, represented by P&G and Unilever, media agencies (GroupM), ad tech, publishers and trade associations, who will take action based on that data to stop the worst practices.
Also in September the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK announced that it was cutting its list of Acceptable online Ad Formats, aimed at improving the user experience and tackling the rise of ad-blocking. View Less

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David Ellison Marketing Services Manager ISBA
Dominic Good Global Commercial Director Financial Times
John Montgomery Global Executive Vice President of Brand Safety GroupM
Thomas Schreiber Director Publishing Solutions & Innovations EMEA Google

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