Sue Unerman

In a world that is changing faster than any of us can quite get used to, business needs people who can not only see the next change coming, but can also explain it to the rest of us.
Sue is one of these rare people. She’s a “clarifier”.
In the rapidly changing world of media, Sue has been ahead of the curve for three decades, and remains at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.
Sue has consistently moved MediaCom forwards ahead of the competition – a crucial factor in its rise to become the number one company in its sector.
Sue has been named by Campaign magazine as “Top planner of the Year” on more occasions than any other individual – and is the current holder of the title.

She drives transformation for MediaCom and its clients.

She has reached out to a wider public with the publication of her book The Glass Wall – the year’s most significant addition to the debate on gender diversity at work.

She blogs at
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