Richard E Grant

Born and raised in Swaziland, Richard E. Grant studied drama at Cape Town University. He moved to London in 1982 and worked in theatre until he got his big break with the cult hit "Withnail and I" in 1986.

Since then, Richard has appeared in over 80 movies, with some of Hollywood's leading directors and actors, including Gosford Park, The Age of Innocence & The Iron Lady. Richard has recently appeared in Downton Abbey, Girls, Jeckyll and Hyde, and in Game of Thrones Season 6.

In 2005, he wrote and directed Wah-Wah, an autobiographical film based on his childhood, starring Nicholas Hoult, Gabriel Byrne and Julie Walters. He has written 3 books. With Nails has just been re-released as a Picador Classic, with a new foreword by Steve Martin.

In 2014, Grant realized a lifelong dream of venturing into the perfume industry, as a “one man brand” with Jack Perfume. It has recently been named a Cult Brand of the Future, and won Best New Independent Fragrance at the Fragrance Foundation Awards
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