John-Paul Hughes

I started my working career as a professional footballer at Dundee United back in '93 which didn't work out as planned and after several years I moved into the real word of spirit crushing jobs in call centres, building sites and factory night shifts before I got an opportunity to start selling photocopiers.
This taught me how to sell and I eventually got a break as an account handler at a small creative agency called Spike Media.
I fancied a crack at the Creative work as I thought I could do it better than a lot of the work I was seeing. I took a huge pay cut, kissed goodbye to big commission cheques and gave up the company car but rediscovered my soul and never looked back.
I've since gone on to a multi-award winning Creative career with media owners such as Guardian Media Group, Real & Smooth Ltd, Radio Clyde and I'm now Group Creative Director at Bauer City Network.
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