Paul Springer

Professor Paul Springer is a writer and educator on innovation in digital communications. He is Associate Dean, External Development for Arts & Digital Industries and was lead consultant for Saudi Arabia’s first specialist College of Advertising in Jeddah. He is currently advising Zee TV’/Essel’s global network on content, media formats, education and skill-sets needed to meet the challenge of Millennial media habits.

Springer's own writing addresses new approaches to mass communications, and most recently the dynamics of-social media communities. His first book Ads to Icons, How Advertising Succeeds in a Multimedia Age (2009) was praised by MIT press, Peter York and received commendations from The Orange Choice Review on behalf of Libraries of the United States. His book, Pioneers of Digital (2012, written with MSN’s Mel Carson) was cited extensively by the Department of Media, Culture & Sport and won acclaim from the Huff Post, Facebook, Stephen Fry & the WPP network.
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