Helen Lederer

Helen Lederer is a comedian, actress and writer with an extensive portfolio that includes writing and performing her own material as well as being best known for her role as Catriona in cult TV series and Film ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. She was part of a group of early 1980’s comedians, and has starred in a number of top TV comedy and radio shows including ‘Bottom’, ‘Miss Marple’, ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘One foot in the Grave’. Children’s TV includes 'Miss Bowline-Hitch' CBeebies' Old Jacks Boat and Horrid Henry. Her theatre work includes ‘Calendar Girls’ and ‘The killing of Sister George’. Her columns have appeared in Woman & Home and The Independent while writing for The New Statesman, Telegraph among others. She is agony aunt for Woman’s weekly. Her comedy novel Losing It was published by Pan Macmillan and was nominated for the P. G. Wodehouse Comedy Literary Award and Edinburgh Book Fest. She is the brains behind the exciting new Comedy Literary Prize for women called CWIP
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