Chris Binns

Chris is Joint Chief Strategy Officer of MediaCom UK. He stumbled into agency life after developing an unhealthy obsession with Smash Hits and The Face in the early 80’s and Gibson and Coupland in the late 80’s & 90’s. At University he focused on American Studies, writing his dissertation on that bastion of future facing media presentations William Gibson, clearly this puts him in an astonishing position to commentate on the subject matter.

During his 15 years at MediaCom, he has refused to be swayed on his assertion that The Stone Roses, Doolittle and Technique are the three greatest albums of all time.

He’s also worked across a fair variety of clients from Coke to Tesco, Universal Music to GSK, doing some quite good work on the way if awards are anything to go by (which lets face it, they often aren’t).
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