Jed Hallam

I am a managing partner and joint head of strategic planning at Mindshare. I have more than nine years of experience working on global brands, and developing strategies that put digital and data (and by proxy, people) at their heart. I believe that putting people at the heart of a business is the only way to build a successful and sustainable brand.
I am responsible for a team of twenty two strategists, and part of a management team that are responsible for our entire strategy and planning team (covering more than 80 connections planners, live planners, and strategic planners). Since joining Mindshare, I have produced global communications' strategies for a diverse set of clients; from Rolex, and CHANEL, to American Express, and Jaguar Land Rover. My career has progressed through a number of digital roles - from setting up one of the UKs first social media agencies, through to joining Mindshare as head of digital strategy. Most recently I was promoted, and became the youngest managing partner within the Mindshare network. 
Weirdly, I was named in tribute to Led Zeppelin. My dad is a huge fan, and wanted to call me Zed. My mum intervened, and they settled on Jed. Needless to say, I am now an avid Zep fan, and an obsessive record collector. 
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