Ben Kerr

Ben is part creative, part business entrepreneur. What he has always done is eschew the traditional, using creativity to innovate and drive business growth.

Ben began blurring the lines between advertising and editorial long before it became fashionable and everyone started calling it branded content. He is now a principal shareholder at Somethin’ Else the BBC’s biggest provider of multi-platform content. Depending on what day it is he will tell you he is the ECD or the CSO. He would rather call himself an Editor, writing the editorial strategy then creating and commissioning the content. But that’s too new for now. His role is to grow the business and make Somethin’ Else as big in the brand world as it is in the broadcast world. The signs are good they are working with; Red Bull, The Economist, Penguin Random House, Inter Milan and Pernod Ricard for starters.

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