Dwayne Gumbs

Dwayne Gumbs is a writer and actor from East London. After a short spell at Anna Schers drama school, he became involved with local performing arts groups that enabled him to nurture his talents. Having developed his skills alongside local artists he saw an importance and felt a responsibility towards inspiring others with a similar passion.

In 2006 Dwayne achieved a joint BA hons in Drama with Film & TV studies from Brunel University. He then co-founded Diverse Voices Entertainment, which uses performing arts in a wide range of community settings. He has written, directed and acted in their may live productions.

Dwayne began writing Running Out of Grime in 2007, wanting to utilise the network of performers and creatives he had come into contact with as fellow students, colleagues and friends. He wanted to convey his experiences growing up and the exciting energy that was present.
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