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Organisations are currently concentrating on gaining GDPR compliance by 25 May. We need to wait for case law which will clarify the Regulation and we can’t afford to ignore the ePrivacy Regulation, which will probably kick in next year. In this uncertain world we need to take a long term approach, working towards a ‘gold standard’ and becoming ‘data privacy centric’. Gain insight from advertisers as to how they are regaining trust with those who you can’t afford to ignore in this process - your customers.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How marketers need to incorporate GDPR into their working practices after 25 May
  2. How marketers can use GDPR to reach their target audiences and build trust with them
  3. How the new ePrivacy regulation is likely to impact on them

Presented with


Fedelma Good Director PwC
Sacha Wilson Senior Associate Bristows
Tanya Joseph Director of Public Affairs ISBA
Rob French General Manager, Downstream Data Privacy Shell
Sonia Poonian Head of Marketing & Digital Regulations British Gas

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Event Type Workshop

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Similar Interests  Data   Transparency   Politics 

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