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Customers are more in control than ever before. Digital has transformed the purchase journey and market saturation is common. Even legislative changes are encouraging customers to shop around. With competition just a scroll, click or voice command away customer retention has never been more important. As a result, brands need to establish new value amongst their audiences in order to drive loyalty. But what is deemed ‘value’ in this environment and how can new technologies help?

In this talk, Dan Robinson, Group Director at Facebook, discusses how technology is augmenting relationships between brands and customers and why the future of loyalty is centred around relevant and meaningful one to one interactions, at scale. View Less

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  1. Gain insight into the disruption of loyalty, and the macro factors affecting change
  2. Be inspired on how to achieve brand loyalty in the digital world
  3. Learn how AI is supercharging customer relationships

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Megan Caywood Chief Platform Officer Starling Bank
Dan Robinson Group Director Facebook
Ben Carter UK Marketing Director Just Eat
Ben Spencer Head of Brand Marketing EE

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