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What can 85M mobile fans in 11 languages tell us about the future of sports? Quite a lot actually.
The World Cup is the world's largest social event yet as sports finally undergoes its digital disruption, it's hard to navigate all the platforms and places audiences will engage, communicate and celebrate in 2018. While technology is behind this shift, it's also brought new solutions. Alongside fresh insights from MM's 85M global fans, hear real world case studies from brands who are successfully navigating this new world.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What the disruption of sports means for brands and fans
  2. How mobile is enabling a new kind of connection with fans
  3. How fans will watch around the World

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James Anderson Business Director Publicis Media Sport & Entertainment
Andres Cardenas Global Head of Football Minute Media
Stephen Hutchinson Deputy MD, EMEA FUSE
Joel Seymour-Hyde Head of UK Octagon

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