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A decade ago, brands launched into a social media land grab. Those who acted strategically and efficiently reaped the rewards of consumer attention. Now, the next channel for that attention is here! Voice-first A.I. platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are taking audio interactive and on-demand, giving brands unprecedented opportunity to connect directly with their customers. It's the next frontier for marketing, opening up personalized communication and direct commerce with audiences at scale.

This panel will explore how brands should be planning their entry into voice-first marketing, identifying relevant and valuable white-space, feeding into learning plans, and driving key performance indicators from engagement through sales. View Less

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  1. How innovative brands and publishers are beginning to integrate voice-first A.I. platforms into their product and marketing strategies.
  2. From interactive conversational experiences to published audio, how are brands and publishers helping the right audiences discover the innovative experiences they're developing? And how are they pushing beyond single sessions to building habits and recurr
  3. In these audio-first channels, how should we think about defining Audio Identities and building equity in the sound of our brands.


Mukul Devichand Executive Editor, Voice BBC
Patrick Givens Head of VaynerSmart VaynerMedia
Jenna Pelkey Director, Digital Innovation Baker Huges, GE
James Poulter Head of Emerging Platforms and Partnerships LEGO

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