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We've passed the digital world and are well into our way of the mobile-first era. Yet many brands and publishers struggle with how to make sense of this new world order. What does it take to be successful in a mobile-first world? For one thing, it's a mobile-first mentality to everything.

Mobile is it’s own medium, one that requires its own approach to everything from creative and content to product and measurement.

t’s increasingly where audiences spend their time and the sole source of information and entertainment across many categories, and a complementary medium to others.

Today there are a handful publishers that are mobile-first. David Duffield, a leader in mobile-first strategy, will share insights and guidance for other publishers as they seek to optimize experiences on a mobile platform. John Walker, an established partner to global brands, will share real world case studies so that brands and agencies also walk away with actionable insights.
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  1. What does it take to be a successful mobile first publisher?
  2. How are agencies and brands adapting to a mobile first world?
  3. How can publishers and agencies/brands work together?
  4. How to think about measurement in a mobile first world
  5. The future of mobile publishing

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David Duffield VP of Strategy, UK Minute Media
John Walker Head of Partnerships Drum Agency

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