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Hear one auto-trader's story of the journey towards digital transformation.

In June 2013, after 36 years, Auto Trader printed the final copy of its magazine publication moving to a web-only presence. This profound change to their business was the first phase on a journey of digital transformation that has required a fundamentally different approach both operationally and culturally. The transition continues, most recently extending to bringing all of their digital media in house. Such change is not without substantial risk; however, the results have been impressive. Floated on the stock market in March 2015, their market capitalisation has risen almost 50% to £3.4 billion in just 3 years, a sure-fire vindication of their strategy and leadership. Join ISBA in a fireside chat with Lei Sorvisto, Audience and Brand Director, for a candid insightful discussion of their transformation story, the benefits reaped, the challenges faced and those that still remain. The discussion will be preceded by a brief presentation by Auto Trader summarising their journey to date. View Less

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Steve Chester Director of Media ISBA
Lei Sorvisto Audience & Brand Director Auto Trader UK

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