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When working with growth stage clients, looking to disrupt their industries' traditional structures, it's important to meet their ambition with an equally ambitious approach to media. Mindshare Grow is a proposition geared towards enabling this.

Grow fosters a culture that blends creativity, innovation, and performance to grow our clients’ businesses faster; a culture that provides the competitive edge and real commercial results that our clients are after.

There’s still a perception in our industry, that big media agencies are great at buying and selling media for big brands, but not much else. Well, at Mindshare we wanted to challenge this status quo, and we saw an opportunity to restructure the services of a traditional media agency to better suit the needs of rapidly growing clients.

We saw that media plays a pivotal role in the development of a brand, and given our expertise, we’re perfectly placed to aid this development. So, we developed our Mindshare Grow proposition, a department who specialise in meeting the individual needs of smaller clients looking grow their brand and disrupt their industries.

Join Grow and their clients for a talk that challenges the traditional role of a media agency and discusses how a daring brand can make huge leaps forward if an agency is willing to take the leap too.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Brand Growth
  2. Media agencies' changing roles
  3. Disruptive companies' role in the market


Issah Abdul-Moomin Mindshare Grow Mindshare
Charlotte Frost Director, Mindshare Grow Mindshare UK
Joanna Lyall Managing Director Mindshare UK
Laura Woodhead Senior Customer Growth Manager Snatch Inc
Alice ter Haar EU Marketing Lead Deliveroo
Hannah Blake Business Development Lead Founders Factory

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