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It’s impossible to escape the news, and even harder to escape bad news. For those of us who tell stories online, navigating the news cycle of terror, war and bad politics comes with a steep learning curve. Discover how journalists, agencies and platforms have adapted to an online space that is no longer consistently truthful, reliable or safe, and what they think will be the most useful tools as the world gets even more complicated.

With a backdrop of diminishing attention spans, it’s crucial that media owners and brands work together to ensure that sensitive topics are more accessible and impactful. And with 75% of marketers claiming that education is the primary reason for using interactive content, it’s no wonder advertisers are relying on interactivity to do just that.

This panel, moderated by Daniel Fisher, Managing Director, Europe, of Disney-backed storytelling platform Playbuzz, will cover how to ensure content is sincere and engaging whilst maintaining an authoritative tone; defining KPIs that are engagement-based and not outdated measurements of success; and how to achieve meaningful distribution. View Less

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  1. How to ensure that the stories we tell are honest, engaging and told in such a way that our message cuts through the noise.
  2. Technology solutions in place to help brands be on the right (and safe) side of the content line.
  3. The right metrics of success to focus on in order to determine if a campaign or story achieved meaningful impact.v
  4. How to win over readers' fleeting attention spans - and shift perceptions - through personalized, interactive, visually-stunning content.
  5. How to embrace the ‘good’ UGC to amplify messages in an authentic way in order to own the conversation.

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Daniel Fisher Managing Director, Europe Playbuzz
Jonathan Lenson CEO Milltown Partners
Lianna Brinded Europe News Editor Quartz
Daniel Wood Managing Partner and Head of Partnerships at Mediacom Mediacom

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