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As marketers double down on plans for the GDPR, publishers are left to interpret broad guidance and scramble to implement what for some are major changes. What obstacles do publishers need to avoid to come out ahead? Trusted relationships and transparency become key as publishers work with vendors to understand consumer consent; and with consumers to ensure satisfaction. Premium publishers could see user loyalty rise, if intrusive messages become standard on all sites.

And how much of a role does creativity play? While marketers are deep in discussions on new ways to message for the consumer, publishers are faced with de-personalizing the message and their services. How does one learn from the other?

Premium publishers, with trusted and recognizable brands, stand to come out ahead as the industry experiments and interprets, with the GDPR deadline looming. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Role of trust and transparency
  2. Best practices, peer learnings
  3. How to overcome obstacles

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Jennifer Baker Journalist BRUSSELSGEEK
Jo Coombs CEO OgilvyOne UK, The Customer Agency
Jason Kint CEO Digital Content Next
Anthony Hitchings Digital Advertising Operations Director Financial Times

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