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Every advertiser’s main goal is to communicate at the right time, in the right place and with the right message. But what if you could understand your target audience and their needs even better than they do themselves? Growth marketing specialist DCMN reveals a new innovation for the mobile market: Intention & Behaviour Targeting.

Developed by in-house data scientists, our models help you pre-empt what your customers want. Combining the knowledge of tech experts, marketers and creatives, the approach marries unique interactive formats with user-centric targeting.

DCMN’s Data Scientist & Machine Learning Expert Dr. Markus Düttmann, along with Product Evangelist Liz Osterloh, explore how to combine data-centric approaches with a creative mindset. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Approaches for being more relevant in mobile advertising
  2. Targeting high-potential customers and finding the moment of purchase intent
  3. Combining a human-centric mindset with big data


Dr. Markus Düttmann Data Strategist DCMN
Liz Osterloh Product Evangelist DCMN

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