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Today, scale is a given but marketers are starting to focus less on quantity and more on quality of data. The call for quality data is sweeping the fast-changing world of MarTech. In this panel, Lotame is pointing out the elephant in the room. We’re not only shining a light on the issue, but we’ll dissect data quality through a multi-lens view, exploring its different business applications, how it can affect targeting and measurement, and why it needs to be part of every conversation.

Similar to the wise tale of the blind men and the elephant, there are different challenges data buyers and sellers face when assessing data quality. Just as each blind man has his own biased view of the elephant, each market participant — publisher, data compiler, media trader, brand manager — sees the issue through their own lens with exposure to just a part of the whole. The definition of data quality is not the same across all organisations and the situational nature of data efficacy compounds the problem. Is the industry doing enough? What actions are you taking now?

We'll explore questions such as: is the industry doing enough? What actions should you be taking now? How can you be confident you are accurately reaching your intended audience with the right segments, across screens? How can you put a stop to wasting money on the wrong data?

Lotame has invested meaningful time and money to address the issue of data quality. Join the conversation. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Understand the issue of data quality through a multi-lens view
  2. Quality has different meanings for different business applications. How do you define quality within your organisation?
  3. How data quality can affect targeting and measurement
  4. Questions you should be asking your data providers
  5. Actions you can take now

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Andy Monfried CEO & Founder Lotame
Yvonne O'Brien Data & Insight Consultant The Specialist Works
Paul Gubbins Programmatic Lead Unruly
Chris Hogg Managing Director, EMEA Lotame
Terry Hornsby Director Of Programmatic and Ad Product Trinity Mirror

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