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In March 2018, we’ll put an unlikely defendant in the dock.

Not Donald Trump’s social media manager.

Nor Saatchi’s Richard Huntington and his GoFundMe page.

Not even the Presidents’ Club corporate entertainment team, wherever they are?

In fact, we’re putting our very own industry - advertising - on trial.

It's one hell of a rap sheet.

Don't miss the trial of the Century.

The charges are plentiful.

From willfully allowing bots to do our jobs, to creaming off tidy profits.

From buying followers we know are a scam, to making shit work that no-one falls in love with.

And doing all that in an old boys’ network that recruits in its own image...

For one day at AdWeek Europe in 2018, we’ll call expert witnesses for both the prosecution and the defence and we’ll ask you the jury to judge.

And if advertising goes down? What will the sentence be?

Don’t miss the trial of the century. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How the industry pleads against the charge of being 'pale, male and stale' - and what it intends to do about it.
  2. Why, over the past three decades, people have been steadily falling out of love with advertising - and how we reverse that trend.
  3. Whether the way we do business is fundamentally broken. And if that charge is upheld, how we must rebuild.
  4. TBC: We've selected some of the most serious charges the industry faces, but there are many more. We'll be opening up questioning to the floor.


Claire Beale Editor-in-chief Campaign
Chris Hirst UK Chairman, European CEO Havas
Nils Leonard Founder Uncommon Creative Studio
Gemma Greaves Chief Executive The Marketing Society
Tammy Smulders President, Fashion & Luxury Group VICE Media

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