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The media industry has struggled to understand and reach out to Millennials, but it’s going to get even more complicated as Generation Z starts to have an impact and Gen Alpha emerges. This session will discuss how best to think about these new consumers: what they like, love and loathe. Join Anna Bassi, Editor of The Week Junior, and a star panel to get a glimpse into the consumers of tomorrow.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What makes today's teens and tweens tick.
  2. How to 'think kid'.
  3. The opportunites and pitfalls of growing up onine.
  4. What is unique about Gen Z +Alpha.
  5. Why today's young people aren't really all that different .

Presented with


Anna Bassi Editor-in-Chief The Week Junior
David Baddiel Comedian and Author
Jim Chapman Vlogger 147 Things
Craig Donaghy Editor-in-Chief, PopJam SuperAwesome
Emma Scott CEO Beano Studios

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Event Type Seminar

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