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The world of video as we know it is changing, but it’s not just how we watch that’s changing, it’s what we watch. This is having a profound impact on businesses across the industry when embracing a mobile first world. From investing in new types of talent, to upskilling existing workforces and even embracing new creative practices; this discussion will welcome a varied perspective on designing a future fit for how people watch.

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  1. Understand the drivers behind the industry-wide shift to mobile
  2. Discuss the opportunities and challenges this creates for agencies
  3. Gain perspectives on the skills needed for mobile video creation and the future of the medium

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Ed Couchman Director of Agency Partnerships Facebook
Camilla Harrisson CEO Partner Anomaly
Alex Morris Co-Founder Vidsy
Mark Syal Managing Director Essence

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Related Topic Area  Creativity & Arts   Tech 

Similar Interests  Storytelling   Content   Design   Production   Video 

Track  Video & Content 

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