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Taking a business global requires a deep understanding of target markets, the current state of the market and it's trends, as well as, its competitors. It is a complex and dynamic process, where business leaders will need to understand and determine the risks and the undertaking.

This has been a topic of conversation at AWEurope for the last three years and we will continue to build on it with agency leaders from around the globe.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Different growth strategies including acquisition, organic growth, joint venture or a combination, and how the strategies vary for creative, media, digital and brand activation agencies
  2. New competitive and marketplace realities and insights
  3. Differences in regulatory environments and the importance of the best financial, business and legal practices
  4. State of the markets in the U.K./Europe, United States and other regions, and different advertising trends in each market
  5. How globalization has impacted – and helps drive – business and advertising activity


Ronald Urbach Chairman Davis & Gilbert LLP
Charles Fallon Partner SI Partners
Karina Wilsher Global COO & Partner Anomaly
Myles Peacock CEO CreativeDrive
Jason Harris President/CEO Mekanism

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