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In 2017, in an ecosystem estimated to be worth billions, 100 brands brands invested $600M in marketing dollars in eSports for their very first time. Some unlocked value, many more failed. They do say the millennial male is an elusive species - too bad that’s misperception #1 about the esports audience. The world esports and gaming ecosystem is inherently complex, but one thing is clear: brands are eager to connect with these customers. But for many brands, that’s all they know. We're here to help.

Join Duncan McMonagle, Global Head of eSports, Minute Media and a panel pulled straight from the ecosystem as they present unique insights into the community, a ground breaking case study in storytelling and clearly outline the entry points for other brands. The world of eSports is only going to get bigger - make sure you don't get lost. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Not all games are created equal
  2. Fans aren't where you expect to find them
  3. Traditional sports are moving into eSports
  4. The opportunity for brands is wide open
  5. The rules of storytelling still apply

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Duncan McMonagle Global SVP & GM Esports Minute Media
Steve Ford VP Sales Europe Twitch
Yvonne Hobden Marketing Director, UK HP
Benoit Pagotto Marketing Director FNATIC

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